Back To The Future

I almost ran.

Over the past few weeks, I've been confronted with scenarios that have me emotionally trembling again.
And I wanted to run.
Get away and hide from it all.

Like the groundhog, I wanted to appear again where the signs would point to better days.
I just wanted to run.

I spoke to friends, listened to some but became angry with others as they would point out that I appeared to be running.
And still...I wanted to run.

What am I here for?
What's my purpose?
Why is this happening again?
Who understands me?

Questions vibrating in my head.

Signs of loneliness peeked in.
And I momentarily allowed the ego to guide me.

But then...

An Angel grabbed my hand, clutched it tightly and held a mirror to my vibrant reflection.
Meditation & Prayer became my course du jour.
Faith was my guide.
And I no longer wished to run.

I realized that the desire to run was actually less than in the past.
The panic that once engulfed me for years now holds a shorter life expectancy.
And fear is quickly being trampled by Love.

And the running has finally...stopped.

I breath a long sigh of relief.
And finally understood.
That I was running from myself.

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