Hot times, summer in the city...

Summer in the city, rooftop grilling with little brother and friends, sexy people popping in and out. The streets are open because NY'ers disappear for the holiday. It's the best time to enjoy the city. NY is a feeling. NY is energy. You smell the food-fused air, you hear four separate languages on each corner. You connect differently. Along with independence, you develop a toughness previously barren.

Although my LA-stoner sensibility would prefer if people here just chillaxed (and I don't even smoke). NY'ers are always on speed, frantically bouncing around while Californians are perpetually high, roaming through life on a cloud. Easy folks, easy. 

From the cultural festivals in Brooklyn to shoe shopping in Soho...I'm in heaven. 

This is my home away from home. I was raised a Jersey girl and moved to NY after living up and down the east coast. I come here most Memorial days to visit mom and little brother, meet up with friends in the city, window shop and be free. (Although, honestly i'm still in recovery so I move a little slower).

It's not the same as when I lived here. When I lived here, I was corporate girl: working day and night, barely taking time to enjoy the scenery. Today there's a different story. But as with every aspect of my life, today, I see things in a completely new way. And I see beauty, and I live the moments. LA is my current home for sure but NY is my escape.  Even the humidity feels delicious! 

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