Dead Poets Society

I don't own many movies, but this one is a staple in my  assortment. Ironically, I haven't watched it in years, but today the universe decided to sit me down for a treat as I was channel surfing. 

I've seen this movie tons and tons of times and can pretty much quote the film. My favorite scene is in the beginning when John Keating (Robin Williams) is whispering "Karpeeee-Dieeem, Seize The Day" to his students at the all boys prep school. What's crazy is that there's another quote that I hadn't noticed in this very scene.

 "We are all food for worms". I know someone that uses this quote frequently and again, I've seen this film many times and had never noticed the line...until today. It's a small reminder that we are to live for the moment because the moment will be gone, at any moment.

There is no such thing as a coinky-dink.


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