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About a week ago, I embarked upon a 60-day detox. Since the onset of the new year, I've felt a call to shift my approach to personal maintenance. Physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually... I need a tune-up. I am well aware, that if one area of my life was crying out for attention, then anther needed to be repaired. True to form, a few days later, I was struck with a show-stopping stomach flu. Purrfect! My body was exfoliating the toxins. 

My detox consist of eliminating A LOT of sugars and processed foods from my diet (like chips- my VICE), adding fresh veggie juices, no alcohol and no caffeine (which is easy for me as I'm not a coffee-aholic), increasing my workouts by adding yoga and strength training and daily meditations- something I've done but not consistently. I should also add that there are a wealth of self-forgiveness affirmations included.

This isn't new for me as it's just a return to my former way of living. Something happened when I moved to LA: laziness set in and with it came a duffel-bag of distractions. 

The last time I performed such a life-altering phenomenon the results were remarkable and a few wonderful people and events entered my life. Not that I'm looking for that this go around. I'm just channeling the peace within and the sensibility to pull back when the world begins spinning, as it so frequently does these days. 

I'll keep ya posted. 

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