Being a spin instructor is my shiz! Since taking my first class-three years ago, I knew that I would make a great dynamic instructor. The combination of physical exertion and inspiring music is an intoxicating high. I was a religious practitioner of E's Saturday morning class. 

His class began at 9am. However, you had to get to the gym an hour early just to get a bike. At that point, E was the best spin instructor there. I mean, you had to be damn good to get folks up at 8am on a Saturday morning. There was something about his strategic playlist/ride that made the hour long class more of a therapy session than taxing on the body. And his music...good Lawd does the guy have amazing music!! I get off on a good song, it wakes me up, makes me dream and makes me happy. 

Week after week, E would play jams you knew and throw in unknown gems to get the 40 folks rolling on the bikes. For 10 years he had a cult following. When K came along, she provided a refreshing alternative to E's class. It's nice to have an alternative. K's style is different that E's, yet her classes are just as Amazing! I learn so much from both of them.

I've been teaching since June and in the past 7 months, I vividly see my progress. Initially I was lost as to what song to play, when and what to do on the ride- either climb/run/jog etc. I've since learned to focus on the workout and make sure that folks feel challenged. 

As for the music, over time you learn to, as MJ says, "feel the music". I'm a music junkie, (my brother just got me a one-year subscription to Pandora- Woot! Woot!) anyhoo...I listen to music all day- all night and I can feel when a song is gonna turn or break. Electronica sometimes trips me up, R & B on the other hand is so predictable while Funk and Dance rock nicely on a bike. As an instructor, it's important to perfectly marry the workout and the music. (K does this best. I marvel at how she knows every beat in each song.) It's also important to diversify the music, although I've been told by people of all backgrounds that music with some sort of soul is preferred. I can usually tell what works by monitoring the energy in the room.

As of January, I'll be subbing E's Saturday morning class while he takes a much needed break. I am super excited. I've waited a long time for this opportunity. Since leaving my former life behind and trying this and that, spinning is something that's stuck. I certainly see myself doing this for a long time and who knows where this will take me...

Let's sit back and enjoy the ride.

Ohh... for tomorrow nights class I lead with the late Teena Marie and Square Biz. She left a musical legacy behind. 

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